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Organic Mattress Fabric


Organic Fabric Mattress


The USDA National Organic Program (or NOP), issued strict guidelines and standards for producing and processing agricultural products which are to be labeled and sold as “organic” in the United States.  In order to ensure that these standards are being met, the NOP has accredited about 50 organizations throughout the world as organic certifiers.  When agricultural producers want their products to be labeled as organic, they must adopt certain practices and go through a certification process with one of these NOP certifiers.  If the producer meets all the NOP standards, they then can become certified organic products.

A mattress itself is not an agricultural product and therefore cannot be certified as organic.   However, standards have been developed to give consumers assurance of finished products (such as shirts, jackets, and other such consumer items as well as mattresses) that are made with organic fibers and textiles.

These standards have been issued by the Global Organic Textile Standards (or GOTS) and are recognized organic textile processing for mattresses.  The standards require that all fiber and fabrics used within a mattress, with limited exceptions, must be made from National Organic Program (NOP) certified materials and are processed in accordance to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to completely certify the product.  All other components, such as innersprings, fire protection, etc., must meet stringent non-toxic requirements as the final certification process.