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All Natural Mattress Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

A Organic Mattress goes hand in hand with our modern lifestyles. More and more chemicals are added to almost everything that we use in our daily lives and people now realize that using natural products can have an undeniable advantage to our overall health.

Organic farming and the use of natural materials for manufactured products have been a modern campaign for a growing number of companies. Most people choose products, such as an organic mattress, for comfort, conservation of the environment, sustainable rest and relaxation and especially for health reasons.

5 Health Benefits of Owning an Organic Mattress

An Organic Mattress can have several benefits as these are made of organically grown materials such as cotton that has been grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which could otherwise be incorporated into the fibers. Organic wool is also produced from sheep that are not exposed to harmful chemicals such as synthetic hormones, external and internal pesticides. These kinds of natural mattresses are especially beneficial for those individuals with sensitive respiratory systems as chemicals from synthetic fibers usually trigger allergic reactions. Cotton and wool have known antibacterial and absorbent properties, and offers undeniably comfort.

Antibacterial Properties

One of the common materials used in the manufacturing of an organic mattress is wool. They have been known to have a slight antibacterial property, which can resist growth of harmful bacteria in your bedding. It can also resist build up of odor and prevents the transfer of these bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.

Moisture Absorbance

An organic mattress made of cotton and wool is best for bedding materials, as they are naturally absorbent. Both of these materials have the ability of absorbing moisture away from the body, which can prove hygienic. The interior of the wool fibers attracts water while the exterior repels water. This avoids a wicking effect and prevents other garment layers from being drenched with moisture.

Breathe Ability and Insulation

Natural mattresses are known to be good insulators. They can keep you warm during the cold winter nights and cool during the hot summer evenings. They are also breathable and allow proper circulation of air around the individual to maintain a constant body temperature. These are extremely essential especially when used with babies and children, as their bodies can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations.


Various chemicals and pesticides during the production of fiber materials can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Polyurethane is a common allergen and is present in synthetic materials. Polyvinyl chlorides and Phthalates can also be present and studies have associated them with asthma and even obesity. Organic mattresses are not made with these allergens and their production prevents them from being exposed to these harmful chemicals. They are also naturally dust mite repellant that prevents accumulation of dust, which has also been one of the most common allergens for most individuals.

Body Support

Recently, latex has been a popular material for manufacturing natural mattresses. They are produced from tree sap of rubber tree and not synthetic rubber alternative. Latex mattresses are known to provide a comfortable sleep by providing appropriate support for the body especially pressure points and joints.