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Bio Foams


Bio-Foam Mattresses

Bio-Based Foams vs. Regular Foams

Bio-based foams use only key components from natural crops such as corn, soybeans, sunflower seeds and castor beans; thus eliminating the need for crude oil.  By taking advantage of these sustainable resources, manufacturers are able to reduce the overall cost of production giving the consumer a better product that is safe for the environment and cost efficient.  By doing so, foam manufactures have lessened the demand for crude oil by replacing a portion of the petroleum-based polyols with renewable soy-based ones. 

Flexible foams such as polyurethane or visco elastic memory foam traditionally used petroleum derived reactants called polyol and isocyanate; these ingredients are a product of crude oil.  Foam must be properly cured (aired out) to minimize smell and potentially harmful compounds.  This works similar to the way paint dries.  Once cured, the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) become stable and no longer pose a threat.  In addition to the many chemicals used to build foams, there are also fire retardants added to some flexible foams especially more dense foams to modify combustion characteristics.